Conference Programme

By the People, for the People:
Online Dictionaries, Language Portals, and the Role of Language Users

Wednesday, 11 October
13.00–14.30Arrival of guests, registration, sandwiches and drinks (Hotel Slon)
14.30Joint departure to the venue
15.00–17.00EFNIL General Assembly (Atrij ZRC, Novi trg 2)
coffee etc. will be available
Social programme
17.00–18.30Organized Ljubljana Castle sightseeing (electric-powered train or bus, departure from Atrij ZRC, Novi trg 2 – returning either to the hotel or directly to Cankarjev dom)
19.00–19.45Welcome reception (Alma Karlin Hall, 5th floor, Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10)
20.00–21.00Gala event on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of EFNIL and the Škrabec Foundation (Linhart Hall, Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10)
Thursday, 12 October
Atrij ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 2, Ljubljana
9.30–11.00Opening session

Welcome address

  • Kozma Ahačič, ZRC SAZU, Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language, head
  • Oto Luthar, ZRC SAZU, director
  • Lenart J. Kučić, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, advisor to the minister
  • Valeria Darò, European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation, director
  • Filip Majcen, European Commission, Directorate-General for Interpretation, director
  • Sabine Kirchmeier, EFNIL, president
10.30–11.00Gerhard Stickel: EFNIL – 20 Years of European Language Cooperation
11.00–11.20Coffee break
11.20–13.00Thematic session 1: Development of Language Portals
Chair: Andreas Witt
11.20–11.50Starkaður Barkarson: Language Portals, an overview (invited speaker)
11.50–12.10Frida Steurs: The Dutch Language Institute: towards a comprehensive digital language infrastructure
12.10–12.30Kristina Koppel: From online dictionaries to language infrastructure: developments in Estonia
12.30–12.40Valeria Darò: IATE – EU Terminology for All
13.00–14.00Lunch (catering, Novi trg 4)
14.00–16.00Thematic session 2: User Involvement
Chair: Elena Isabelle Tamba
14.00–14.30Janoš Ježovnik: User-focused language resources in Slovenia: towards universal solutions (invited speaker)
14.30–14.50Henna Leskelä: Renewing the Finnish database of guidelines
14.50–15.10Cecilia Robustelli, Francesca Cialdini: Online dictionaries and language infrastructures for the Italian language in the digital era
15.40–16.00Coffee break
16.00–17.00Thematic session 3: User Involvement
Chair: Svetla Koeva
16.00–16.20Maria Arapopoulou, Dimitrios Koutsogiannis: The dictionaries of the “Portal for the Greek Language” as designed and pedagogically recontextualized environments
16.20–16.40Janne Boye Niemelä: How to involve language users in language advice for Danish Sign Language
Social programme
18.40Walk to the conference dinner
19.00–22.00Conference dinner at Švicarija restaurant, Pod turnom 4, Ljubljana
[20.00]Johan Van Hoorde: The history and the first years of EFNIL
with contributions by Ina Druviete, Cecilia Robustelli, John Simpson and Gerhard Stickel
Friday, 13 October
Atrij ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 2, Ljubljana
9.00–10.10Thematic session 4: Resources for Research
Chair: Tamás Váradi
9.00–9.30Darja Fišer: CLARIN: The Infrastructure for Language Resources (invited speaker)
9.30–9.40Filip Majcen: Multilingualism in the EU in times of generative AI
9.40–9.50Claire-Lyse Chambron: Language policies, online dictionaries and language infrastructures for the promotion of the French language and other European languages
10.20–11.00Thematic session 5: Resources for Research (poster session)
Chair: Nataša Gliha Komac

Posters and (simultaneous) coffee break:

  • Elena Isabelle Tamba: Romanian Linguistic and Lexicographic Resources in the Digital Age
  • Svetla Koeva: Online dictionaries and Dictionary portal of the Institute for Bulgarian Language
  • Alexandre Ecker: The Lëtzebuerger Online Dictionnaire, a linguistic Swiss Army knife
  • Magnus Ahltorp: Shrinking Lexin: Challenges of a Swedish second-language learner’s dictionary on small screens
  • Ewa Rudnicka: Codification and rethinking the Polish language as a “native language” from the perspective of online dictionaries, language portals and selected social media profiles
11.00–12.00EFNIL Master’s Thesis Awards
Co-chairs: Ari Páll Kristinsson, Åse Wetås
  • Julia Elena Pardo: #dudaRAE: A merging analysis of folk prescriptivism and dialectology
  • Fani Morali: Exploring refugee children’s bilingualism through multimodal identity texts
  • Denise Weghofer: Scaffolding and Reading in German Lessons in Lower Secondary Education – Using Scaffolding Tools to Become Successful Second Language Readers
12.10–12.30Sabine Kirchmeier: Orthographic practices in Europe: Results of an EFNIL survey
12.30–13.10Concluding remarks and panel discussion (Andreas Witt, Dimitrios Koutsogiannis, Ewa Rudnicka, Nataša Gliha Komac; co-chaired by Kozma Ahačič and Sabine Kirchmeier)
Social programme
13.10–15.00Lunch and cruise on board the Ljubljana tourist boat, Ljubljanica river
(For delegates who have to leave before the end a packed lunch will be available.)